Life is like the Tour de France?

Life is like the tour de France


Life is like the Tour de France? – Analogy scenario

You choose to live.

Like every other human being, by default you are entered into the “lifetime bicycle race”. You can only opt out of the race by choosing not to live or as is usual, by having that enforced upon you at some point. You are racing against every other person on the planet.

The rear wheel of your racing bike represents your life situation and is formed of various major segments such as your health, wealth, career, and relationships. These of course can be subdivided into many smaller segments. For instance, relationships with your partner or spouse, your children, your immediate family, friends, work colleagues and any other group you care to name.

The front wheel segments are your steering mechanism which consists of your thinking, attitude, skills, knowledge, habits and beliefs. The front wheel will naturally determine where the back wheel and the rest of the bike goes – with you on it.

The frame is how strong your connection is between the two wheels and also how flexible your bike is in absorbing bumps on the road. The peddles and gears are the drive you apply to the rear wheels and the handle bars are the control to which you apply your directional front wheel.

However, nature and maybe some unseen intelligence determines the quality of the roads on which you have to ride.

As expected when you view life as a race many people live most of their lives constantly seeking to outperform other competitors.  We believe riding with a strong team will help you reach higher levels of performance.

What no one tells you is that your experience of the daily ride is completely separate.

You can choose to experience the easy parts as boring or be at ease enjoying the smooth downhill ride. You can choose to experience the uphill climbs and rough roads as stressful and difficult or treat them as a great challenge. Ideally, you will understand that how well you deal with these inevitable “difficulties” will eventually determine where you end up in the race.

Most importantly, if you choose to build a stronger, more flexible and highly tuned bike on which to ride to help you enjoy whatever experience the road forces you to ride upon. Where you end up does not have to impact your experience of the race. With a great experience you are an automatic winner in the race irrelevant of your final finishing position. Really if you enjoy every day of the race the position you end up in is simply a bonus.

Aim of the program

To spend 3 years helping you gain the skills to build and maintain the best bike you can but also make a giant leap forward in how to train your mind to experience the race.

How do we do this?

You need to choose to meet with us to make your own decision as to whether our “Giant leap” program will help you in the race or not. No amount of writing will persuade of this compared to a personal meeting and discussion.

If you want to be remarkable at anything you have to start with the full intention of being remarkable  Tim Ferriss

Action to take

Consider if you are willing to invest the time and money in making a “Giant Leap” forward.

Will you take the small step now to make the “giant leap” in your life?

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