Important Attributes Of Leaders

The four most important attributes of leaders who grow their companies

Important attributes of leaders

Growing your company profitably requires a number of key attributes. Obviously there are a wide variety of skills that company owners and leaders must enhance but we shall focus on some of the key attributes that will lead to success. Failure in any one of these key attributes will impact on the profitability, sustainability and growth of your company.

The 4 attributes are

  1. Learning
  2. Investment of time into key skills and knowledge
  3. Accountability
  4. Coachability


I am not talking about learning that comes about from the day to day aspects of running a business but active learning. Spending time and effort in courses, workshops, seminars and mainly by reading regularly – I believe a minimum of 10 books a year should be attainable by everyone. Great life changing books on nutrition, exercise, money, relationships, success, growth and happiness are easily available.

Just think about it – Would you write a book on a subject that you had little knowledge or experience or that you had not spent time researching in depth. Well guess what, it’s the same for every author out there. Most people spend years writing a book and pour their heart and soul, but mainly hard won knowledge into it. The store of human knowledge is vast on almost any subject you care to name and tapping into that knowledge stream is easy provided you are willing to read. Tip – Make good notes and make action points on every book you read. Re read your own notes regularly and the knowledge will sink in. Evernote is brilliant for this. (Read a few books on how to use Evernote as you use it)

I personally read at least 3 books on any subject that I want to know more about as time spent gaining that knowledge will save both time and money down the line and once gained is never lost. Even if I end up engaging an expert in the field for instance internet marketing I still prefer to have a good idea what they are talking about as opposed to just handing it over. I think of it as delegation and not abdication. Use the reviews on Amazon or simply google – best books on… to get great books on any subject.

Commit to being a lifelong active learner and you will be amazed how much knowledge you can pick up and the difference it can make in all aspects your life.

Investment of time into key skills and knowledge

Once you make a strong commitment to being a lifelong learner it pays to draw up a SWOT analysis of both your personal and business life. (This should be done after you have examined your life purpose and short medium and long term goals). Using this analysis you should be able to determine the areas where you need to improve your skills and knowledge and so draw up a learning program for yourself. Then explore how best you learn and take action and set aside time daily, weekly and monthly to take action on your plan.

Explore books you should read, courses you should attend, qualifications you may need, people you need to talk to and a coach or coaching program to help you.

These action plans should be part of your normal goal setting system (this is important and intrinsic).


You may learn a huge amount by investing time and effort but if you do not have a strong method to make sure you and people who work with you are held accountable for completing tasks towards achieving your goals you will not be anywhere near as effective as you could be. The mastermind groups and weekly accountability calls built into the Compass program will help you in this area and eventually you may go on to devising your own program for the longer term once you fully appreciate the benefits integrating a system of accountability into your life will bring.


The ability to be coached and to coach is a vital skill and attribute. Finding great mentors in any given area is the fastest way to get good at anything – but you must be willing to be coached and recognise that other people especially experts in their field can usually see where you are going wrong and how to fix your errors quickly. For instance I have skied in excess of 250 weeks and so count as being fairly expert but I am constantly looking for people to help me improve. On the other hand I can watch most skiers make 4-5 turns and know immediately most of what they are doing wrong in their skiing and how to fix it provided they are willing to listen.

The flip side of being coached is being willing and able to coach. If you invest your time reading and learning a skill, coaching someone else in the same skill is a real test of your own knowledge and abilities which can only help you improve.

In addition making sure anyone who works for you is working in an effective manner requires good coaching. Your business increases in value when you are not needed to run the business and so a well coached team with great skills is a huge asset both in the short and long term.

If you are already using a coach (if not – why not) you will acquire skills and be able to pass those skills on, thus helping both yourself and others around you.


Committing to being a lifelong active learner, investing time and money in your key skills and knowledge, setting goals and then ensuring you have a strong system to hold yourself accountable for task completion will make a massive difference to all aspects of your life

People overestimate what they can do in a year and totally underestimate what the can achieve in 10 years.

A good coach and better still a good coaching program will help put you on this road until the habits become ingrained and become who you are. Your future self and everyone you encounter will thank you for the commitment.

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