Steve and Charles have been friends for many years and each brings a passion for helping people and coaching to the practice. We love this type of “work”  and so we have chosen to make the program very affordable for the majority of business owners. Read more in About us.

For many years we have benefited from a huge investment of both time and money in our own personal and business development and as a result, find we are frequently being asked to help other business owners. As we have always been delighted to help, we have been coaching for many years often without being paid for our time and effort – other than the satisfaction we derive from helping people.

The problem many small business owners face is they cannot devote the time and financial resources to getting personal one to one coaching as this can cost around £500 per month or more in fees for an hour’s phone call per week. As a result, we have decided to keep the cost of the program significantly lower so that the cost of £97 per month cannot seriously be an excuse for not proceeding with the “Giant Leap” program. We believe that if someone is not prepared to invest this small amount in making a “Giant Leap” forward in their personal and business growth then, unfortunately, they do not currently have the correct mindset for our program. We can only hope to stay in touch until their mentality changes.

We believe that by providing a great support structure for both learning and action, the results you want can be delivered at a much lower cost. This combined with c

Collaborating with like-minded people in an energetic team atmosphere will ensure you and other participants actually stick with the program long-term and so produce the results you seek – personally and financially.

Although the program will present you with many different ideas to put to work in all areas of your life and business, only a small number of habit changes and a strong support structure to help you to drive forward for improvement will make a huge difference to your life over the rest of your life. Think of a plane altering course by just one degree – the final destination will be completely different. We fully intend to help plant that mindset within you and then help and support you to embed it firmly into your life.

It is better to allow our lives to speak for us than our words – Mahatma Ghandi.

Although we both love the satisfaction we get from helping you and other business owners this program is not entirely altruistic. We intend that the program is profitable to enable it to grow to help significant numbers of business owners which in turn will have a positive impact on the lives of their families and teams  – and so a much wider range people as a whole. We also fully participate in the programs ourselves and benefit from the interaction with you and your teams. Our own beliefs and ideas will be regularly challenged and we will end up learning just as much as you.

So why are we running the programs?

  • To contribute to society in the best way we know how
  • To give something back to people who have helped us grow
  • To have what we expect will be a huge impact in helping people build happier more successful lives
  • Learn and improve ourselves and our own businesses.
  • Build a profitable practice we both love working in

We walk our talk and firmly believe we will only obtain the life satisfaction we require by delivering the results you want.

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