Introduction Seminar

The purpose of the introduction morning  is to provide you with deeper insights into the value that our unique ” Giant Leap” program will bring to your life. Time and money invested in yourself pays out dramatically over the years.

However, the introduction workshop is not designed to be just a sales pitch. Yes, of course we will try and help you to understand the huge benefits doing this program will bring to you both personally and professionally, but we also want you to get something substantial out of the morning itself – even if you decide not to proceed.

What better way of doing this than to spend two hours actually coaching you? These sessions will demonstrate the value of the program and you get to experience first hand the standard of coaching you will receive.

The introduction morning agenda

Arrive at 9 am to start promptly at 9.30 am and finish at 1.30

Introduction to the course and questions answered

Coaching sessions:

  1. How to align, integrate and balance your work and personal life to live a life you truly love.
  2. How to build and implement a tried and tested process to significantly grow the profitability of your business
  3. How to utilise a similar process to achieve your personal goals and dreams.

At the close of the session you will have a chance to talk on a one to one basis with the coaches if you wish.

What is the cost  to attend the introduction seminar?

The morning is run at our expense – We believe the Giant Leap program will have enormous benefits for everyone who attends and so we are willing to run the introduction morning entirely at our own expense.  We just ask you to invest a small amount of time to attend as even the coaching sessions on the introduction morning will provide huge value going forward.

Do today what others won’t. Do tomorrow what others can’t

Are you willing to take the time to investigate this opportunity further?

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Testimonials for the introduction seminar

Charles and Steve make a good duo and helped lift us to a higher level – Hasin Ahmed IFA

A great morning re-enforcing some of the golden rules – Diraj Shah IFA

This was a great start for me to work out a way to go forward – Rajesh Nanavati IFA

The discipline and accountability will really help me to meet my goals – Dominic Basiliea IFA

I can really see the value in the program – Lisa Compton Accountant

The coaches show real commitment and belief – I really enjoyed the morning – Michael Silver IFA

Steve and Charles gave a practical and passionate presentation of areas where I can be more effective and happier – Bipin Shah IFA

The morning really instills a desire to succeed and presented a practical means of achieving our goals – Adam Meldrum Airline captain

Really useful and practical content – stuff you can actually implement – An excellent course which was thoroughly enjoyable – Terence Pearce Small business owner

I can see that I would benefit hugely from this course – Tania Greenfield Accountant

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