“One small step for a man – one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong

Business and Personal Coaching Overview

There are 3 main types of coaching- lets call them Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Level 1 – This is aimed at a particular problem or situation. i.e a performance problem for a salesperson or a relationship issue with a work colleague. The coaching aims to fix the problem and the person moves on much as before.

Level 2 – This is aimed at a particular area – Relationship coaches, sport performance coaches, and business coaches work with people to resolve a range of issues in the specific area.

Level 3 – Transformation coaching – The Giant Leap program is designed to change how you view the world and the way you interact within it on a day to day basis, to produce actions and habits that are highly effective in transforming all areas of your life for the better.

Business and personal development coaching generally is delivered in two different ways. Individually or as part of a group program. Both methods have their pros and cons.

The main advantage for larger companies of over 30 employees is that your coach will be highly focused on personally helping you to implement the coaching strategies they recommend. In addition, the cost of coaching to a larger company are a very small percentage of the gains they will make in profitability.

The main disadvantage of individual coaching for smaller companies is that it is cost prohibitive, as it starts from around £500 per month up to several thousand – depending on the size of the leadership team.

The main advantage of group coaching is that the costs are much more affordable ranging from £100 to £500 per month (ours is £97 per month).  In addition, group work is more interactive and people gain from other peoples insights and not just the coach. The disadvantage of most other group programs is that implementation of recommended strategies and goal achievement is usually not well addressed leaving it to each individual to manage their own progress.

Our Giant Leap program aims to gain all the advantages of group coaching while eliminating its core disadvantage of one to one support by the use of smaller mastermind groups within a larger group coaching session.

Main aims of the “Giant Leap” program

Help you to:

  1. Make a giant leap in the success of your professional life
  2. Make a giant leap in the success of your personal life
  3. Make a giant leap in your overall level of happiness

How the Giant leap program works

Our unique “Giant Leap” program is broken down into one full day workshop per quarter which is compulsory to attend. Each day will compromise at least 4 different interactive sessions where tools, ideas and strategies will be presented by the coaches followed by a group discussion on the session and practical ideas on how they can be implemented into your life or business.

The setup of the workshop day is designed to be full of provocative ideas, questions, conversations, and perspectives that help you see your personal situation in newly productive and creative ways that give you an “unfair advantage” in today’s competitive marketplace.

The Giant Leap program is designed for growth-oriented business owners and consultants—people who are are want to be constantly learning and growing, always developing new ideas and creating a better future for themselves, their families and their clients.

To double your income you must triple your learning

Over the course of the program within this exclusive community, you’ll develop good supportive relationships with your peers in your own workshop group—usually around 20 to 30 other entrepreneurs. You will also develop very close, highly supportive working relationships to the others in your mastermind group.

Mastermind groups are formed by putting together a small group of between 4 to 6 people in similar stages of their business development and have them check with their assigned working buddy or “wing-man” weekly on how they are progressing with agreed goals. Each person is held responsible to each other for ensuring they meet their goals when they are personally challenged. The coaches are of course available if problems are encountered.

The conversations you have with the other entrepreneurs in your workshop group and mastermind groups are a big part of your coaching experience and will be where you’ll get a lot of your new productivity ideas. It has been proven in nearly all areas that a strong team of like minded individuals will always outperform the vast majority of individuals. The program will provide you with an opportunity to be part of such a team.

At the end of each day you will set yourself a small number of personal and business goals to achieve over the coming quarter. There will also be a group goal for each quarter set by the coaches. These goals are shared and recorded with your mastermind team who will be charged to help and support you to achieve your goals. You will also help them to achieve theirs.

Only one great idea that you execute well could easily turn out to be your game changer

Your quarterly workshop day is a great opportunity to focus on your own personal and professional development. It is almost inevitable that the fresh insights you obtain will help you make huge leaps forward. It’s usual to have an insight or new perspective within the first few hours that makes your whole day worthwhile. However, the results of those transformative insights will continue to generate you life and business improvements for many years to come.

Between quarters you will have one weekly conference call with your mastermind group, with the group leader holding a feedback session with the coaches to check on goal progress and any problems.

The following is a list of some of the strategy sessions:

  • Defining and living your life’s purpose
  • Define your personal genius and put it to work
  • Absorb and retain information
  • Becoming a productivity Ninga
  • The critical factor – Beyond Integrity
  • Multiply your referrals by x10
  • The 5 certain ways to multiply profitability
  • Add 10 healthy years to your life
  • Work only 24 hours a year and still earn a great living
  • Secrets of a happiness centred life and business
  • The critical non-essentials of any business
  • Build rapport with anyone quickly
  • Grow your relationships to boost your profits
  • The most powerful and proven sales technique
  • Using the power of internet marketing
  • Blue oceans and Purple cows – Differentiate your business
  • Living a worry-free life
  • Build a results only working environment
  • Secrets of a hostage negotiator – build likeability and trust
  • Team building for the results you want

We all want the same thing – to have a level 10 out of 10 in every area of our lives but if our level of personal development (attitude skills knowledge and habits.) are low success (defined as living a life where you love all aspects of it ) will be very difficult.

If the purpose of Giant leap program can be summarized in one phrase its this.

Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.  Jim Rohn


Where you are now is defined by who you were up until this point in your life. Who you become and how you live from now on will be defined on how you choose to act from now on.

Only 5% of people will create a life of balanced and overall success.  Will you make an effort to join them or will you give up and settle for less?

  • Are you prepared to grow?Are you prepared to try and get more out of your life?Are you prepared to start the journey to be the best that you can be and fulfill your dreams?
We are prepared to help you on your journey but you have to choose to accept the help.

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