The importance of money


The importance of money

Ok so money is important.

That multi-coloured piece of paper in your pocket that is so difficult to forge is money but people lose sight of what it really is. It’s being exchanged for goods or services and can be exchanged again and again giving multiple choices of its use.

It can also give massive freedom and set others free. It can reduce suffering, be wasted, burnt, saved, and invested as well as a whole host of other things too. It will make you happier if you let it. It will make you unhappy if you let it too. The importance of money is often generated by how you think about it.

It has a way of being accumulated just like anything else. Like oxygen, you’ll know very quickly when you don’t have any.

Your choices again affect your future availability to it. What you do today could make it scarcer in the future or could make it abundant.  Not every choice works out the way you’d hope. Too much money just makes you more of what you already are.

Not enough also makes you more of what lies beneath. Desperate or dishonest, hateful or sad. It is a good test of what you are.

I can’t remember who said this, but I’ll quote it anyway.

Having too much money is often described as being great, but we all only have 10,800 minutes a week. How we spend them, determines our happiness, not how we spend the money.

We can be rich and unhappy as well as poor and happy.

However, to make life more comfortable, which most people will tune into, we need money in today’s world.

So you need to know how to obtain it, use it wisely, save it, invest it, give it away, or even know how to leverage it, attract it and pay tax on it wisely.

Given all those elements, which even Financial Advisers struggle with, learning about these aspects, is crucial in a world that revolves around it.

The idea that having a lot of money is vulgar is a mind-set. Yet, think about how much you can help others if you have a great deal of it and are of a generous spirit.

To expect others to give it to you is also a mind-set. One which is unlikely to serve you well, as that well will dry up. Then what do you do.

By far the best plan is to learn how to make it honestly, with dignity and ethically. Pay your due tax and then learn how to be wise with it.

That way you do not need to rely on others and can help who you want when you want.

Study this subject well and be good and disciplined at it and your life will be so much easier. Save then spend, not the other way around. Invest to obtain more. Intend to give back more. Above all, be thankful we live in a country where our money is safe in our bank accounts and building societies.

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