The 7 year itch

7 year itch goals

The 7-year itch

Many of us are used to the quotation of this old film and its salubrious meaning.

However, the 7-year time span is a common one for us to consider.

It is too long a time frame for us to feel panicked by when setting a meaningful goal. It is a healthy time frame for us to get used to the daily or weekly gains we need to achieve to enable the goal to become achieved.

It is also long enough to get complacent over but as long as we keep it in focus, we develop a sense of building urgency that motivates us for the up and coming deadline, gradually enough to keep it feeling achievable and worthy.

When we set a goal for seven years ahead, we will lull ourselves into a great big meaningful goal, but we would also be confident of achieving it because seven years is almost a bit too long to envision.

Many cycles of events relate to the number 7 and it is one of the most trusted numbers for us. Walmart carried out extensive research on the number and discovered that customers would actually pay more for the same item priced a bit less, as long as its cost ended in 7 or 70.

Its is not fully explained to be definitively accurate, but we do have sway to the number, quite naturally.

With this in mind, please consider the following.

What would you want to have in place in 7 years from now, for you to be proud of your achievement and proud of yourself for? Start with a 7-year vision and be bold. The rest of your goals will naturally fit around these. Sometimes just three major goals will help you with enough goal setting that if broken down over the 7-year timeline, will inspire and motivate you in a way that excites you.

A 7-year goal becomes several smaller goals, which in turn maybe 100 little goals. It’s the track to run on that gives you clear momentum and drive.

What would inspire you over the next seven years, to be driven and engaged, like never before?

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