Giant Leap

The “Giant Leapsmall business coaching program is delivered over a three-year period with one full day group workshop per quarter. The program is designed to challenge your beliefs and provide you with tools and strategies to grow your personal and business skills.

We believe we can help you adjust and overcome some of your personal limiting beliefs. A small change in any one of your limiting beliefs or strategy can have a huge impact over a number of years.

Each workshop has been designed to build upon the previous one. Each quarter between workshops we will ask you to work on your personal and business goals in a close-knit mastermind group of other business owners who are facing similar challenges to yourself.

You will, without doubt, face some serious challenges to your comfort zone, but it is in the area of daily practice outside of our comfort zones that we grow as people and professionals.

You will both lead and be led by other members of your mastermind group. Your coaches will provide a strong support structure for change both personally and in your business. This support structure will help you in the days or weeks when you are seriously challenged. There will be times when you either hate or love people in your team for holding you to your commitments but that is the essence of driving change.  However, at times your own knowledge, strength, and guidance will help others in your team.

That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially – Karl Pearson.

You are not alone facing the challenges of running a small business and trying to meet them alone is not an effective strategy. The strong support structure built into our Giant Leap program will help you overcome the challenges you face. Slowly but surely some of your day to day habits will change for the better and your mastermind team and coaches will support you in that change – teams always outperform individuals. It is this ever growing incremental change which will eventually bring you the results you seek. This is also the reason the program runs over a three year period – there are a lot of ideas and strategies for us to cover. At the end of the 3 years, you will be both astonished and delighted at the growth in profitability of your business and the improvements in your life.

However, if after starting the small business coaching program you decide that it is not for you we do not force anyone to continue by applying financial restraints. You are free to cancel your standing order at any time but we do ask that you give it at least 1 year before opting out.

If you, the business owner adopt and implement new strategies and slowly build habits to produce a great culture in your business the profits will flow in and you will be able to relax and enjoy your life.

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