Generating focus on the job until completion


Generating focus on the job until completion.

Recently I decided to put a 3-minute video together to post on my Website. I soon realised that when I made a mistake of any sort, because I had the option to stop and start again, I could focus on getting it as near perfect as possible and just ditch the out-takes as it were.

This caused me to keep my focus levels average and not be VERY focused as I should be. The idea of one try and that’s all you have, would be difficult to manage but like the proverbial gun to the head does have a way of improving your performance or shutting you down completely.

Generating focus on any task that is important, needs to be understood. Too relaxed and the performance or detail can be too casual and substandard.  Too intense and you may crumble under the pressure.

The length of time that we can spend highly focused is different for us all and different dependant on it being something we love doing compared to something we hate doing or just need to get done.

If you love painting, you can spend many hours doing so and lose track of time.  Often the more focused we are the more we lose track of time. People refer to this as being in the zone or in a state of Flow.

So how do you get the maximum focus time for any one job. The style of guidelines varies but here are some fundamentals:

It is better to stay highly focused for a short period and then have a break and pick it up again.

The less distractions you have the better.

The less opportunities you have, to be able to postpone the task, the more focused you will become.

Having others to answer to will keep you motivated too.

Proper preparation is essential. Start by detailing your plan, determining your order of attack as well as preparing the tools or needed equipment will enhance your focus.

The desired outcome being clear in your mind, enables you to overcome the hurdles as you go, rather than stumbling and failing. It also helps you persevere at the tough points.

There are many styles of how to focus yourself and the key to being focused is listening and analysing yourself to enable that to happen. Here is a thought process that will help.

Tasks or goals often fit into one or more of these criteria: Necessary, urgent or desired.

If they fit the urgent, it is clearer that you of course need to get on with it. The necessary push you in a negative way. The desired however can be the one you put off until the desire is very strong indeed.

Learning to build your desire helps tremendously with motivation and generating focus.

Avoiding the pain helps too.

As yourself the following:

  1. When does this need to get done by?
  2. Why does it need to be done?
  3. What are the benefits of doing so?

These will all greatly enhance your ability in generating focus and improve the quality of what you do.

Going back to the video. It is urgent and desired. I have many good reasons to do it. The benefits of making it are huge and potentially lucrative too.

Have I struggled with generating focus? Yes. Using the guidelines above, I managed to get it done, enjoy it and have some funny outtakes too. The progress made was good too. The next one will be easier. Thankfully my camera knows how to focus automatically.

We need to practice on generating focus to help achieve our desired outcomes.

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