Why do I need a business and personal development coach?

All great performers in sports, entertainment or business have great coaches. Tiger Woods may be a great golfer but he still benefits from a coach. It is very difficult to be truly objective about yourself and to set yourself difficult challenges and persevere sufficiently to achieve them – A good coach will listen and help you see where your current thinking or strategies might be getting in the way of achieving the goals you truly want.

I am not a big believer all the personal development and positive thinking stuff spouted by so called gurus – so why should I bother?

Like most people you may want some of the following results in your life:

  • A more profitable business which is fun and interesting to work in
  • Great relationships with everyone in your life
  • Better health and fitness
  • Less stress and being better organised
  • A great balance between your work and personal life

All of those goals can be achieved by developing your skills, knowledge, organisation and habits – in other words working on your personal development.

Why should I join your “Giant Leap” program?

The program has a number of aims. To help you understand personal development and business development strategies which have been carefully pulled together from a wide variety of sources. You are then supported to ensure those strategies are properly implemented. This mix of insights, knowledge and support will help you grow personally and also help you to build your business profits faster.

The program also has the unique aim of helping you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. In our view its no good being more effective and wealthier if you are still unsatisfied with your life. Positive happy people have a positive impact on the world – We aim to help you enhance that process.

Putting a series of small changes together over a number of years and having a strong support structure built into the program will help you align your goals with what you really want from your life. This will help you to build strong habits and put systems and processes in place to achieve those goals.

Ultimately the aim is to help you build great habits to improve across all areas of your life. You can have it all. We want to help you to achieve huge personal satisfaction and a sense of well-being that comes from a purpose driven well balanced life.

If I choose to join how long am I committed for?

We would prefer that you commit for at least the first twelve months – the first year will be the hardest as you will most probably be severely challenged to meet personal and business goals that you may have struggled to attain for years. After one year we believe you will see the benefits of what you have achieved and will be happy to continue for the next two years. However, we do not hold anybody into the program – you pay monthly and can choose to cancel your standing order at any time.

Won’t this just mean more work when I am already overloaded?

Of course setting goals and working towards getting them done will stretch you in the short term but focus on the right areas will help you achieve better long term results and eventually help you to the point when you are not stressed and overloaded. The chances are that if you feel overloaded now, this will simply continue over the years until you do something differently. Better strategies and better habits will help you lead a happier, balanced and stress free life.

How will I find the time?

Four full days for learning per year and a 30 minute phone call per week with your mastermind group buddy will not impact hugely on your time. This is the equivalent of taking time to “sharpen the saw”. The focus of the program is in helping to develop you to do the right things and become accountable for the results you produce. This focus will mean you become significantly more effective with less stress. After a few months you will find you are able to make the time to do and achieve the important things in your life.

What areas of my life will you help me on?

Help you to grow personally:

  • Define your purpose in life and goals to help you achieve that purpose
  • Grow your personal wealth
  • Improve your relationships with everyone
  • Help you lead a more joyful and balanced life
  • Develop excellent habits in all areas of your life
  • Improve your health and fitness.
  • Develop habits to improve your general happiness levels.

Help you grow your business profits:

  • Develop a vision for your business and business plans
  • Improve Sales and Marketing
  • Build a great team around you
  • Develop great customer service systems to deliver on your promises
  • Manage your budgets and grow profitability.

How do I find out more?

Register for an introduction morning to the Giant Leap program morning. The morning is designed to explain the benefits of the program and answer any questions you may have. However, we will also carry out a few hours of actual group coaching. This will demonstrate the value of the coaching and so everyone who attends can get something they can use from the morning itself even if they eventually decide not to join the program.

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