Directions on the path

As a coach, I am often asked to define what it is I do.

And it inspired me to think about what most of us want.

Directions on the path.

If you can see where you want to go. See the path. See the benefits. If you can envision the impact and the long-term effect. If you can get excited about the direction you are hoping to travel in and can be enthused about the future, then often you will believe you do not need a coach.

A coach, however, can bring to the table, experience or tools or a more detailed map. This can shorten your journey or just make it more pleasurable, less stressful and ultimately by helping you implement – more beneficial.

A coach can be the sounding board of wisdom too. Perhaps your goal or vision is contrary to your beliefs or integrity in a way you don’t realise. Maybe the congruency of what you want is in conflict with other areas of your life.

Overall a clear vision with a defined why and a steer towards improving you, others and the world around you, will add traction and momentum. This style of thinking will make you unstoppable.

Along the journey, you will be often hit with the pugil stick of life. Sometimes you see it coming and sometimes you don’t. Feeling unstoppable will allow you to be resilient. A coach will vaccinate you from bad influences and virus’s that are new to you.

In addition to that, your vision can be clearer and in 3d focus with laser precision.

Make 2020 your clearest drive to what’s best for you and those your goals impact upon. Get your foresight checked through your coach and allow feedback to keep you on track.

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

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