Are You the Captain of Your Own Business?

Are You the Captain of Your Own Business?

In today’s market it is easy to consider running your own business, doing most of the work, making the majority of the decisions and checking everything as you go.

There is little wrong with that on the surface and many small businesses work that way. If you consider trying to double your income and halve your time in your business, it becomes harder to do all that and make strong steady progress.

The question is, do you want to progress?

Many business people are very happy, working hard, having a good standard of income, being in control of all that they are involved in and knowing most if not all of their customers. It is admirable, and in many ways, a dream come true. It’s why you got into business in the first place. To steer your own ship and your outcomes are your own. The rewards are yours and time off is designed by you.

Often called a lifestyle business, it suits many and is the envy of a start-up business person. You may also be the envy of the employee who works hard but gets small rewards, as well as only building someone else’s dreams. A well run business is also the envy of a struggling business that has lost the ability to keep all the plates spinning.

I am sorry to tell you, but, you get older each year. It’s a shock, I know. You think you are ten-foot-tall and bullet proof as well as immortal.

So herein lies the choice. Stay with your business and maintain its levels and enjoy the fruits OR stagnate and let it all slip away OR  grow it, make it give you a better lifestyle with extra and more dependable income and extra free time.

At what point does this become a choice? Never, eventually or now? It’s your ship. You are the captain. You blow your whistle and your staff obey and all is good in ‘Lifestyle Business’ land.

So let me ask you a deeper question. One that has been asked me many times over the years.

If, in 5 years from now, you still ran your business the way you do now, with no great increase in time off or more income – would you be ok with that?

If so, that’s great -Don’t Panic! Carry On!

If you have an inkling to improve your income, increase your free time, relieve some stress factors. If you would rather spend time doing something other than work, like enjoying your hobbies, sharing time with those you want to the most, helping those less able, then that begins with a journey.

If you wish to take a step in a purposeful direction that supports that ideal, add a brighter motivation and hope to your life than the average person, then you may need some guidance.

Guidance from a coach who has done that. A coach who is still proving that to be possible. A coach who has a purpose that supports the part of you that makes you glad to be alive, is out there. FIND THAT HELP.

If you are truly content as opposed to given up- Do not look.

Your choice. Just please be happy with the choice.

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