Do you use an entrepreneurial or purposeful approach?


Do you use an entrepreneurial or purposeful approach?

Many small business owners use the word Entrepreneur to describe what they do almost as a badge of honour. I would question this approach as most entrepreneurs either fail altogether or fail to reach the levels of success that they originally hoped to achieve.

The entrepreneurial approach is our natural way of achieving the results we want. You see something that you want to do or needs to be done and with a little bit of planning you dive into getting it done with the enthusiasm and energy of your entrepreneurial spirit. This means you get the tasks done to the best of your natural abilities. You look at the job and think  – I put everything into it and so that is the best that I could do – thus moving on to the next thing that catches your eye. This OK plateau is the main cause of problems in people’s lives and businesses.

The quality of the job done and the results achieved will vary from person to person depending on their natural ability. Unfortunately for all entrepreneurs there is a ceiling on how high natural ability will take us, especially in something as complicated as running a business.

Really highly productive people don’t accept their natural abilities and the results of those abilities as the last word on their success. I would suggest that you should not do this either. You should not put the limits of your natural abilities as the benchmark in any important goal. Is this a problem you can fix?

Purposeful people don’t look at the best level that they can achieve but set the benchmark at the best level that it can be done.

Sometimes this purposeful approach will give only a small difference in performance but as we know from Olympic competition a small difference in lots of areas adds up to a big difference in results.

A purposeful approach is much more strategic and planned. Purposeful people look for mentors and coaches, new models and systems – simply better ways of doing things to make gradual but definite ongoing improvements in whatever it is they are trying to achieve.

Constant and never ending improvement is the mind set adopted.

With a purposeful approach you can achieve breakthroughs far beyond your natural abilities. In fact depending only upon your natural abilities will almost guarantee a lower end result. You must simply be willing to invest the time and effort required to get help from people who may have already successfully achieved your goal.

A purposeful approach is all about doing what comes “unnaturally”. However, if you are committed to achieving high results you need to do whatever it takes and push out of your comfort zone.

The next time you consider any project – STOP before simply employing your entrepreneurial mindset and ask yourself – is this important enough to adopt a purposeful approach of good planning, increased knowledge, skill acquisition, accountability partners and most importantly good mentors or coaches.

Enjoy the journey

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