The Importance of Relationships


The importance of relationships

How do you treat your friends? Are they Disposable? Convenient? Valued? Rare? Are they even treasured or a pain in the neck? What do you do today that makes a difference in their lives?

Treat relationships too casually and you’ll end up lonely and sad. They are so valuable that it is hard to explain the hurt you feel when a loved one becomes an enemy or when a good friend becomes someone who hates you and will try to ridicule you at every turn. Worse still when a child becomes so disconnected from you that no relationship can be recovered.

A thoughtful card or flowers can make a relationship healthier. A sacrifice of time can build a rapport that endures. What is it that you do today that helps keep these irreplaceable intangibles alive and healthy?

We all experience the betrayal of friends and loved ones at some time. We all go through the destruction that it causes when we have made too many wrong decisions with friends and not enough of the right ones. Keep the ongoing effects of your interaction in your mind at all times.

The cheating husband is a sad person who eventually tears himself apart with guilt and lack of peace of mind. He’s a liar and a user which when found out or admits to his infidelity, becomes the destroyer of all that was good around him. If he’s lucky he may be forgiven, but it’ll never be the same again and the hurt he causes lasts a lifetime.

The smallest decision, leads to another. Picking the wrong decision may not seem big at the time, but over years can become huge. In the film Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise talks about “the little things, there is nothing bigger.”

One decision leads to another and this becomes a habit or trap and before you are aware it become irrecoverable and it’s too late.

I’m reminded of the story of the frog who, accidently jumped into a saucepan, who in the tepid water was feeling comfortable and sleepy and relaxed. He didn’t notice the heat had been turned on until it was too late. He couldn’t get out and ended up boiled through complacency.

We need significant others in our lives and we need to protect the relationships we have and any mistake be stamped on immediately and not ignored like the frog who jumped in the saucepan.

No one is an Island. It is not in our nature to be alone. So trust and care of others is a necessary glue to hold us together. Relationships are more valuable than anything else we ever have.

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