Why I love the number 8

Strategy, innovation and planning crosswordWhy I love the number 8

The number 8 is my favourite number. I guess that’s a bit strange – but it is!!

Why have a favourite number? It helps put a wide number of things in perspective and set some strategies too.

Here’s a few of my thoughts – what would you add?


  • 8 minutes to relax
  • 8 minutes to refocus and prioritise on best use of your time


  • 8 Minutes of gratitude every morning for what you already have
  • 8 minutes to review your life purpose and current goals
  • 8 minutes to plan and prioritise your daily tasks in line with your goals
  • 8 minutes tidying up any growing clutter
  • 8 minutes to review the day mentally
  • 8 minutes to journal what went right and you have learned today
  • 8 hours work
  • 8 hours rest/sleep
  • 8 hours play


  • 8 Minutes to review tasks completed from your task system in the last week
  • 8 minutes to review the past week from your journal and calendar
  • 8 minutes to plan your upcoming week
  • 8 minutes to set alarms on your phone to ensure you are on time
  • 8 existing clients to speak to
  • 8 friends to speak to
  • 8 connections to grow
  • 8 hours to study something new to help achieve your goals
  • 8 hours practice at skills improvement
  • 8 acts of kindness


  • 8 Minutes to review your expenditure (presuming you are recording it all)
  • 8 minutes reviewing your capital investments
  • 80% of income spent and 20% saved – at least (Ok I cheated a bit here)
  • 8 hours contribution to others – at least
  • 8 hours of intense exercise (approx 2 hours or 4×30 mins a week)
  • 8 hours improving your home


  • 8 hours to plan the year ahead
  • 8 goals a year to set and accomplish in line with your life purpose
  • 8 books a year to read – at least
  • 8 weeks holiday – at least

8 on its side is the sign for infinity which means there are no limits on your potential

Enjoy the journey!

PS Strategy has 8 letters

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