Have you ever considered what your ‘Event Horizon’ is?

Have you ever considered what your ‘Event Horizon’ is?

A view to the future – Your Event Horizon.

It is easy to believe that what we do now will not have a massive impact on our future. If I eat a packet of crisps, is it likely to cause me a heart attack? On its own probably not – but over time?

Our ‘Event horizon’ shifts with age, experience and of course what others do.

Have you ever considered what your ‘Event Horizon’ is?

When we lift our heads up, reflect on our past and consider how far we can look ahead, our perspective changes quite a bit. Big life events like a new child a marriage or a death can force us to be more aware, or even make us shut down our outlook. Yet, make no mistake, when Fleetwood Mac stated, ‘don’t stop thinking about tomorrow’ they really meant it. When the album ‘Rumours’ came out, it changed my thinking. I can safely say I never stop thinking about tomorrow and that lyric at the time helped me do it and become more aware of the longer term.

So rather than take a chance on how well we do this, we set and write down our goals. This keeps us facing what needs to be done, helps us have a positive outlook and gets us through challenges that otherwise may have stopped us.

It is of course more than that. To consider how clever we really are, we can look at the stars and work out that in 4 billion years our planet will be consumed by a supernova. That is really considering the future and its impact.

So, day to day, what do you do and how can you use this special ability to plan, project and motivate to your best advantage?

I found that to be better at what I do; I write down ideas as they come to me.

It doesn’t matter when or how or from whom. It matters to me that I capture them. By doing so I give myself a better chance of implementing them or getting others to do so for me. By not having a system to capture the ideas and letting them slip through my fingers I often feel frustrated about the loss of creativity and the possibilities it could have created.

How do you capture your thoughts and ideas?

So the best answer for all this and have a creative and positive ‘Event Horizon’ is to ask, how do you capture the thoughts and ideas that you have or information you wish to retain?

I use Trello as my To-do system and I have a specific ‘Capture’ list. its great as I can use it on both my phone and on my pc and it is updated automatically. I could also use my phones notes app and dictaphone app. I could even use a piece of paper that I use to transfer the idea to others. I use people who know why I am asking them to capture it.

I create an approach of ideas gathering and when I wake up with the ideas that at the time I think will change the world and I could never forget, I still write them down, mostly.

Of course it doesn’t matter how you do so, it just matters that you do.

After that, you can filter them into any other productivity system of process or planning that you have (hopefully you have one), but at least you caught it.

We are amazing creatures and the evidence is all around us. The bridges or buildings we have made were all ideas at one stage. Jim Rohn said ‘I got it’ in his best accent that I love.

If you don’t capture your ideas you wont get the future your deserve

What could you do next? I wonder.

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